AI is for everyone now and Sia makes it easy to jump start your AI journey.

Sia bot is a sales/service intelligence bot that can converse in a human like natural manner using AI technologies. Sia can handle customer enquiries, service requests, appointment bookings, fill feedback & survey forms and a lot more.

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Cloud Dashboard

Sia dashboard gives a full overview of all the data collected by the bot. The dashboard is setup entirely in cloud and it is accessible through web browser.

  • Lead Hub
      A central location to view and manage leads obtained from all channels.
  • Dynamic Elements - Setup business entities such as departments, services, products, staff, timings, etc.
  • Conversational Analytics - Get actionable, intelligent reports based on customer interaction with the bot.
  • 3rd Party Integrations - Customized payment gateway, SMS gateway, Transactional email gateway from your preferred vendor.

Integrated Virtual Meetings

Sia provides a built-in video conferencing option for web and mobile. The number of participants is unlimited where as the moderator is the authenticated user who can start the meeting.

Key Features

Simplified Communication

Sia can engage users in a human-like dialogue, capture context and give intelligent answers.


Sia converses in multiple languages. Present users with languages choice and choose a preferred language for each conversation.


Sia can converse with the users across multiple digital channels. The bot retains data and context for a seamless experience.


Sia is pre-trained to understand industry-specific keywords. Integrates with industry specific knowledge base to handle customer requests.

Virtual Meetings

Seamlessly connect customers through HD video meetings from chat flow. Enhanced with multiple layers of security.

Payment Gateway

Handle business processes that need customer payments. Sia can be integrated with payment gateway of your choice.

Integrates with CRM & ERP

Connect with existing CRM/ERP for orchestrating workflows from within the conversation.

Notification Engine

Connect with customers offline through SMS and email notifications. Send payment links, video conference links, schedule remainders, etc.

Conversational Analytics

Converts conversations into business insights. Sia uses NLP engine to create intelligent business reports based on data collected from user interaction.